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Visa & Immigration Clearance
- Working Permits (VISA KITAS)
- Single Bussines Visa
- Multiple Bussines Visa
- Social Visa
- Reteriment Visa
- House Wife Visa
- Exit & re-entry Permits
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Visa & Immigration clearance

Indonesia Visa and Immigration Clearances

Republic of Indonesia is an island archipelago stretching from Sabang to Mearuke, from Sumatra one of the biggest island in the world to Irianjaya Island. The country is appealing destinations, having power to charm visitors with its vitality. It is remains a key player in dynamic Pacific economy and offers favourable circumstances for business, investment, and personal objectives.

Here we are PT. Antariksa base in Bali specializes in advice and regulatory counselling for business visitors to Indonesia. Call us for your visa and other immigrations clearances. We conducted our business in English and Japanese. We carefully plan smooth interaction between overseas clients and their Indonesian counterparts. We believe in the mutually satisfying transactions and agreements that are the results of such planning.

Visa and Immigrations Clerances covered:
• Working Permits (VISA KITAS)
• Single Business Visa
• Multiple business visa
• Social Visa
• Retirements Visa
• House Wife Visa
• Exit & Re-entry Permits


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